LG Electronics – perpetrating fraud

Complaint regarding LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd -1.5 ton Split Air Conditioner
I am the owner of 1.5 ton LG split Air conditioner bearing Sl. No.005NLYX001786 and Model No.LSA5LPAF6. The original invoice/bill is not traceable but to the best of my information the air-conditioner was purchased by me in July 2010. Subsequently I have entered into an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with M/s. LG Electronics Pvt. Limited vide HLP No. : MJ 038983 on 25th March, 2013 against payment of Rs.2391/-(Rupees two thousand three hundred ninety one). The comprehensive AMC started from 25.03.2013 and was to end on 26.03.2014.
On noticing that the air-conditioner was not giving required cooling, I registered a complaint with LG Electronics helpline No.18001809999 on 21.09.2013 at 09:43 AM and the complaint No. provided was RNA 130921084843. The reason mentioned in the SMS from LG Electronics received by me was (Gas charging). Subsequently, an Engineer from LG Electronics visited my residence and informed that the air-conditioning unit requires refilling of gas. As for the next 5 days, there was no further repair/service support from LG Electronics, I spoke over phone No.0120-4177550 with LG Electronics, Noida service center. At the service center my call was eventually put through to Shri Sudhakar Tyagi (Cell No.7838651691) who informed me that one particular spare part required to repair my air-conditioner was no longer in supply by LG Electronics and as such my air-conditioning unit could not be repaired.
He advised that I should submit a photocopy of the bill/invoice relating to purchase of air-conditioner along with a copy of the AMC receipt. He also suggested that I should make a request to LG Electronics Pvt. Ltd. to refund the depreciated value of the air-conditioner as the Company is unable to repair the same.
As my air-conditioner was purchased in July 2010 I was unable to understand how a reputed Company such as LG Electronics had discontinued spares support to a fairly new product and therefore requested that I be allowed to speak to his superior. After constant persuasion, I was provided with the cell Number of one Shri Sameer Dhiman (Cell No.9811354534), Sales Manager, LG Electronics, NOIDA. I spoke to Shri Dhiman on 3.10.2013 during which Shri Dhiman repeated the same suggestions earlier given by Shri Tyagi. During my conversation with him on 3.10.2013, I specifically requested Shri Dhiman to provide to me in writing, the exact reason for the inability of the Company to repair the air-conditioning unit and also to spell out in writing the offer regarding payment of depreciated value.
Shri Dhiman refused to provide either of the above.
As my queries and requests had not been complied with, I requested Shri Dhiman to provide me the name and cell no. of his superiors. After my innumerable requests, Shri Dhiman provided me with cell number of the person who he claimed to be his superior i.e. Ms. Puja Mathur (Cell No.9811354152), Branch Head, Ghaziabad. On contacting Ms. Puja Mathur on the aforesaid cell number, the person flatly denied being the superior officer of Shri Dhiman and claimed that Shri Dhiman was infact her boss.
Therefore, the facts are that
1. LG Electronics has discontinued spares support to their product which was sold by it in the year 2010.
2. LG Electronics entered into an Annual Maintenance Contract for a product for which it did not provide spares support.
3. LG Electronics is neither repairing my Air Conditioner, nor providing me in writing, the reasons for its inability to do so.

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