Lodha Belmondo – delay in car parking and allocation of incorrect parking in another building by hospitality

Reported By: SAP1964

Contact information:
Lodha Belmondo
202, Tower 22, Lodha Belmondo, Gahunje, Pune 411038, Pune, Maharashtra

1) 5 months Delay in Allocation of Car Parking after registration of agreement
2) Incorrect and forced allocation of Car Parking in another building than my residence.

Lodha Belmondo – Mr Hannajit Singh and Dy CEO Mr Girish Kamble have delayed the Car Parking allocation by 5 months after registration. After much followup over the 5 months, a Car Parking Allocation letter was sent on 22 Oct 2019. To my utter shock the parking is in another building. When I tried to reason out with Girish Dy CEO, his reply was vague and non committal as follows :
“Your concern was noted and teams have done a thorough recheck on your parking allotment. Given the boundary conditions, the most optimum parking solution which is efficient for all residents, has been rolled out.”
Nothing was addressed as to why an owner staying in Tower 22 should be allocated a parking in Tower 23.

Sales Team – Hitesh Phulsunge had made false promises during the sale and lied that the allocation will be done within the next 10 days.

There is no one to check what is really going on between an inefficent Hannan and Girish.

There is also a scandle in the Sales for diverting enquiries to certain sales people as a favour. I have witnessed it.

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