Lodha Group – sold me the property saying they are bringing mall in the project but later changed the layout without any intimation

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Hello All,

I bought a property in Lodha’s lakeshore green project in Dombivli. I bought the a 2BHK in Prime Square project of there in which they have mentioned they will be bringing apparently Asia’s biggest mall. Lodha’s salesperson sold me this property promising it will be at prime location which a world class mall infront of it, so I bought a property few meters away from the upcoming mall project. I bought this property at a higher cost as it in there prime sqaure project and comprised a lot on space. But now as the possession is nearing I randomly went to visit the update of property, I got to know they have cancelled the mall project and they are planning to bring their row house project instead. Without any intimation or approval they changed the project layout without informing the flat buyers, that too I got to know about this change on plan when I causally visited the property. When asked with the sales person in the sales office, they said they understand our concern but can;t do anything. In short I have spent a lot of money and now its now worth as promised.


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