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Lodha Group – wrong information and misguidance by lodha rep – i need a refund of the booking amount paid

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Reported By: janerenisa1234

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My parents along with my brother and myself was attended by one of your representative in january when i came down to enquire about the flat everyone seemed to be so cooperative. Everything was sorted and then you bank representative checked all my documents, my pay slip and said “oh maam, don’t worry app ka case strong hai aur loan 45 lac aaramse hoga aur 20 saal ka”. At this time only my documents were accessed and i trusted your representative, went ahead with this and paid the booking amount. This was paid only because i took your words as you guys so strongly said that you are eligible for the loan and we will sort out everything with the loan companies. L & t called me, and i submitted all the documents. Moreover, i paid the registration fee in january and the house was registered in march and this is due to your miscommunication and some system failure. Until then i was quiet.

In may the same person who told me that your case is strong calls up my parents and tell me that your loan is cancelled as your case is weak and its better we do not go ahead with the procedure as we it will be a headache for your and us too. (Yes, now i really do not want to go ahead with the flat and need my money back. I am doing just as what your staff told me to do.) guess this is what you guys do, take the booking amount and then turn away from the customers. This is how you guys make profit? How the hell on earth do you guys operate. Do you even have the idea how much of stress and inconvenience this is especially when your customer is not in india. I trusted you and made the payments and this is what i get to hear.

Again, this person directs my case to dhfl who is another useless company. I have only heard twice from them. When i call lodha your customer representative, they tell me maam give us some time we are working on your case. I have given you time to solve the case and not to charge me this midst of all this out of no where l & t wats apps saying that your loan is sanctioned but we need your brothers name on the loan document. Is this a joke? From where my brother comes into picture.

This is complete cheating, or i must say lodha’s frequent practice, first say your case is strong and take the booking amount and late call the customer and say that that we cannot sanction your loan. So that you guys can make money with the booking amount which is non-refundable.

I am so fed up with you guys and “i do not want that flat”. You guys cheated me, and i want my money back. Let me what procedure. If my case is not solved with in 20 days, this entire email is going on facebook and other social media to let the world how efficient is lodhas service for cheating people.

I just need money back and you guys can keep the flat for yourself. It because of your miscalculation i made the payment as i trusted you and now i am suffering and moreover being charged interest of 4lac. Why the hell in the first place i was given the assurance that my case is strong. If i would have been told things clearly on the first day itself regarding my loan status i would have not gone ahead with the this case neither you nor me would have a headache.

I do not want to receive any letters regarding any demand letter as i do not want the flat. Neither do i want any stupid useless banks to call me and ask for rubbish things like adding my brothers name on the loan. Just refund me my money back and it’s the end of story.

I have given to you in writing – i do not want to be cheated anymore hence i am not interested in your rubbish company so refund my money and keep the flat for yourself.

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