Logicshore IT consultancy – 18 days salary

I was working in the IT company called logicshore IT consultancy Pvt Ltd. and joined on Nov 18th 2013 and after 1month i received a message on my mobile from my MD to not to come on 18th Dec 2013 to not to come office from tomorrow on-wards. He agreed to pay 18 days salary to me which i have email from him. During the time of joining he didn’t gave me offer letter but i have his emails regarding joining dates and salary mentioned and i kept asking about the offer letter throughout 1 month but he kept refusing it by giving some stupid reasons. He told me that you will receive salary on 5th Jan 2014 but he didn’t deposited. i sent him a email by asking about the salary but he refused and said that u will not be eligible to get any pay and even saying do rubbish about my work and all and threatening me by saying do whatever you want i have my company lawyer to handle these kind of problem. i have his all emails and a official company offline emails backup on my mobile. Kindly help me what i have to take next step.

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