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Reported By: Nikhil Singla

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I still regret the day I chose to shop from this website name I bought two pieces of Cross Classic Century Medalist Ballpoint Pen-3302 (Suitable for Engraving)( on 5th May 2017 along with a hairdryer for the total amount of Rs. 4170(Order No. LX17050082824).
I bought the pens only due to their suitability for engravement as I want to gift them to somebody with customised name engraved. So, I wrote to their customer care email address ([email protected]) on the same day i.e. 5th May for requesting engravement of name (as it was specified on the product page (Pic Attached) to “Please place your order and write to us with Order ID at [email protected] to get a name engraved on the product free of cost.”)
But I received no reply from them on my mail. I also called many times on their customer care number but it was always busy. It was only on 8th May that I got lucky to talk with their customer care personnel & asked him about my request status.
I was quite shocked to see that they not even opened my mail regarding the request, leave any action on that. Anyway, the customer representative felt sorry for not responding to my mail & told me that he is sending my mail to his engravement team for the necessary action on engravement & he also assured me about the engravement. So, I was quite assured after his assurance but only to felt regretful later.
On 10th May, I received the two pens at my shipping address. When I opened the products, I was very upset to see that both the pens were not engraved. I never saw the length of irresponsibility & ignorance on any other e-commerce website before this. I also wrote a mail on 11th May asking the luxehues about answers for this irregularity, but they did not respond to my mail this time either.
I called them for many times before they picked it up on 12th May. This time also their representative was doing his “Sorry” drama & giving assurances about sending the brand new engraved products & scheduling for picking up the not engraved ones. He gave me assurance that he will arrange a pickup on very next day i.e. 13th May, but the pickup never arrived. I called their number on 13th May & went for a ride of phone harassment again. This time I was very much angry & was not in a mood to listen to their representative repeated Sorry drama. So, I talked to their Customer Care Head this time who told me that pickups for return of products can’t be arranged on Saturday’s & Sunday’s (proofing that the previous representative was lying to me) & told me to wait till Monday 15th May. Until this time, I was assured of their lies but want a proof of it. So, I said him to send me a mail regarding his Monday assurance which he sent(Mail Pic Attached).
Well as I said previously, on coming Monday it was also proven to be another white lie from another luxehues personnel just this time it was from their Customer Care Head.
I called them for the last time on 16th May on which I talked to their customer care head again & asked if there is anything named “truthfulness” in your company or not. He was bind to his Sorry & assurance drama even on this time saying the pickup will be arranged next day.
But now I am completely fed-up with luxehues personnel’s as I know that they will never perform the service. It was my first shopping experience with luxehues & it was the worst experience of my lifetime. I have never been told so many lies by any e-commerce company personnel’s.
Without the engravement these pens are worthless for me & I want full refund for my order now.

Nikhil Singla
M. No. 9878165969

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