M Cinemas (Old Sapna Cinemas) – Salary not on time, January salary hold till date

I was working on M Cinemas (Old Sapna Cinema), from September 2015, i resigned because didn’t get salary on time till month, my last day was 29th February. They didn’t give my January Salary because of some personal reason, i called him but both MD and His Son Karan passing ball to each other. On 23rd they raised my cheque and one of my colleague deposit in my account, but on 24th without informing me they stopped the payment. I got a message from bank then i called him he said we stopped your payment because of a vendor payment issue. They involve me in every work, without my knowledge. If they got challan from Jal Board or any other Departments. They also got a notice from Disaster Management before some days because they don’t have any safety procedure for Customers and no fire fighting system. In every month they distribute the salary when they want. Die to this issue i resigned, they don’t have any legal Management. In every work they just beach the laws.

Kindly help me in this to get my salary and punish him to beach the laws and govt rules.

Thank You!
Manish Sharma

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