MaaC – several inconveniences that have caused me

I, Savitri Saraf, student (your Registration No.706656) of your renowned institute MAAC, Kolkata Chowringhee branch, would like to state several inconveniences that have caused me.

In the month of October 2012, I enquired about the Web and Graphic designing course which your institute MAAC in chowringhee is providing. Thereafter enquiring, responsible Madam Anuradha Chatterjee, repeatedly and regularly contacted me even called on my landline number and offered discounted schemes, even bargained on the course providing also offered that if I bring some of the students for the similar courses, I would be more benefited .

Moreover she asked me to pay the advance or else I would miss the classes which was suppose to start on the first week of December 2012. On such assurance and confirmation of madam Anuradha, I paid my earnest amount of Rs.11,236/- in the month of 30th November 2012 and awaited for sometime upon the commitment of Anuradha madam that within 15 days, a batch will start.

Thereafter, whenever I used to contact Anuradha madam either personally or over the phone in all the instances, I use to get fake and false assurance of classes getting started immediately . Here I thought that Institute would not going to offer the classes. Therefore in that case I wanted to quit and requested madam Anuradha to refund all my advance payment which I made. Hearing to this she replied in a rude and inappropriate manner that I am not doing personal favour to madam Anuradha by making the payment for the course and moreover she replied that she is nowhere responsible for my deposited amount. I was left helpless and kept on enquiring about the classes to get started.

Finally, In the month of March 2013,I was told to atteng the classes of Web and Graphic Designing and I went there regularly and attented the classes of drawings. On 14.04.2013 I had an competitive exam of S.S.C (Staff Selection Commission) and I had to prepare for that for which I requested madam Anuradha to allow me for two weeks of leave for my preparation.

Madam Anuradha allowed me for the leave on the condition that if I would mail her the admit card which I did and mailed her at [email protected]. Then unfortunately the S.S.C examinations got postponed to the date of 28.04.2013 and further postponed to the date of 19.05.2013 . In this case I thought to resume my Maac backup classes, which were the basics of photoshop, which Anuradha madam promised to allot me.

When I asked for the back up classes, madam Anuradha denied and said that basic classes would be given to me afterwards and she forced me to carry on the classes. Without having the basic knowledge of photoshop, I still sat for the class which I couldnot follow due to lack of basics.

Now despite understanding my problems which I conveyed to her over the telephone, I met Anuradha madam in the MAAc institute on 24.04.2013 around 2:00 pm to explain her the problems and to make way of back up classes.

When I met madam Anuradha at institute and wanted to come to a solution to my problem which I could be benefitted, she denied to any solution and with the authority she said that I would not be allowed to attend any of the missed classes.

On hearing this I requested that I want to meet to the director or any higher authority who could help me and come to the solution because clearly in this scenario I was at loss. At present it was clear that I was not benefitting through the current class due to lack of basic.

On hearing this she suddenly started yelling at me for no reason that I could imagine and thereafter in humiliating way she asked her official security guards to “throw me out” of the institute. Even she told me that my presence was irritating her and demanded my exit from the institute. This all happened after I demanded to meet the director of the institute.

In deep sorrow,disheartendness and with no other option available to me, I am writing this formal complaint to the head office of MAAC Institute in Mumbai, to look into the matter and come up with the solution which I hope will be justice.

I also would like to know that whether your department had an acknowledgement of my payment upto date and what amount had been informed by your Chowringhee MAAC institute that I had paid till now and it could be very helpful to me if you could mail it to me.

Please do consider that I am your student but treated like a customer by institute of MAAC in Chowringhee branch, Kolkata.

This is whai i want to tell dveryone how this institute has cheated me and that i have filed a case against MAAC.

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