magicinfosolution is a fraud

Hello Sir, I got e-mail from website and they said that they will provide job of home based offline typing job after paying money. I pay Rs.999/- and the provide 50 files for typing and gave me 30 days time. I did that job and submited in time. Then I went to my wife’s house. After that I came to my house and I checked my mail, in that mail they said that I did’t type in line by line so do the rework and submit in next day, at that time I was in my wife’s house there I can’t check my mail id no interenet connection or computer. They I said them that I was not in my house to do the correction work. They said that we don’t know about that ur (my) work id is terminated. After that I came to know that magicinfosulution is a fraud website. So Please provide me assistance to get back my money and no one invest money in this site.
Thankng you.
I am Alfred Samson from Kerala Palakkad. My id is

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  1. I am also doing work for magic info solution from past 3 months, they are paying regularly. My dear friend if you are not checking you mail then what company will do for you ? If you are working with any company then you have to submit your work on time.

  2. Mr Sharma the site is a fraud – you must be with them – I submitted the work ahead of schedule only I forgot to attach the last page i.e. to say by mistake I submitted 49 pages and after 6 days I get a message that my id has been terminated! So not only do I not get paid for my work but the fraudsters get to pocket my INR 999/- as well!
    Reader’s beware!!!