maharaja college – usafe ladies hostel

Hi i am a student of maharaja college staying in hostel. here some guys they are coming in to hostel in the night breaking the locks burning the suit case and robbing all the things. when we complained to warden and our staffs they are asking us to be safe but they are not taking any action on this .locked rooms are opened by them where we came to see alcohol, cigrats bottels are the . principal and management keeping quite on this issue they are threatening us not to inform the parents also. principal visited the hostel and said these nasty things would have done by the girls who are staying here. boys coming form out side and using girls hostel as a lodge. continuously from past 3days this is happening in our college. pls help us . management and staffs those who all working here are very selfish . they just want to protect their jobs. no security for girls. pls take immediate action on this .

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