Mahima Builder – Mahima private limited – Possession Fraud Game

Hi All,

I booked my dream flat in December 2013 in Mahima Nirvana Ajmer road project. Its been all going wonderfull and I was started feeling proud that I’ve been associate with the great group who know customers value. But But..
My happieness didn’t last for so long..I’ve been giving my payment as per CLP plan as and when asked. However I charge late payment by Mahima in Nov 2014 for Feb 2014 late payment !!!
Yes just after 9 months after that I paid my bank first 85% payment late by 10-15 days which was promised in Feb that it will be taken care as I would be coming in March on Holi and Mahima understand’s customer values who dont leave in same city.
Despite many calls and many mails after got shocking late payment charges of 40000/- I thought to check this more at the time of possession and same aggreed by Mahima immediately.

In january , I got possession intimation as my pre emi payment was supposed to paid my Mahima till possession so I visited the flat to verifiy if everything is done..
I found no electricity meter, gas meter, few tiles were broken..I informed the same to Mahima but they are just concern for last 5% charge and asking me to go for registry else I’ll have to pay extra late charge.
I came to Jaipur and setup ameeting with them and ask for few certificates like NOC,OC,Allotement letter and meter reading etc..As soon as I asked them they asked me few different questions like what I did in my study and how old I’m and if this is my first flat to purchase and if I know how to respect seniors like them while talking..this was just to increase the temprature of the room..same happened and they got chance to quit the meeting and they ran ..saying that “iska flat cancel karo” & isko kaho next time appointement lekar aaye..

It was of no use meeting where they were not ready to give answer to my quries..I may have many but they should address all.. This disappointement is going on and on and I’m still following up with them..
hope some day they will get time and reply me on my email..


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