Mahima Developers Bangalore – Fraud

Mahima worldwide devloper director Ashis Das is a cheater. He has taken 10 lacs as advance 10 months ago, and he hasn’t started with the construction only. When we asked him to cancel the flat, he gave postdated cheque, we waited for allmost 1 month but now we want to confirm whether he has sufficient amount. But he is not picking the call and he has changed his number. His assisted Santhosh and other employees who are all working with him don’t give any information. they behave like thieves… if someone goes to his office to enquire about him all his employees will go inside and lock the door and sit inside. One strange thing is .. Mahima Worldwide Developres office is behind Hebbal Police Station. Some people daily visit his office and fight with him abt Cheque bounce.. Now he has started with some other business like loan processing etc.. So People please beware of Ashis Das, he is one fake person. He doen’t speak proper english also, , , he looks like goonda… Even if he escapes today, but he will be caught very soon.. Ashis Das doesn’t have strength to earn himself and spend.. he needs other money to enjoy..

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