Mall licenced work channel – Fraud

Reported By: Abhimanyu Pradhan

Contact information:
Mall licenced work channel Jabalpur

The company is called lovelocal or the other name as mall licenced work channel the company was sending me msg through WhatsApp +91 75492 75318 for part time job or work from home to get money doing some easy work after i follow the step he / she ask me to pay 140 to get 300 140 amount is not big so i invested without hesitate after i get the 300 i feel good or trust him after he ask me to earn more then you have to pay 500 rupae to get 1000 then i follow the step and getting 1000 and now i have totally faith next day i am excited to earn more so i have decided to follow the steps of the guy and then i invested 1000 after the giving the order is completed due to some reason i have short amount to buy and sell so he is said recharge the left amount to complete the task after i am done the order every time any of the order get higher price and that time i totally spend 13000 total and again he is asking for 10000 to complete the task and now i am not feeling good or i have to chek the reality check if the company so i have found that this company is totally fraud or i have lost my money they pitching me if you want to withdraw your money you have to complete the task to get your withdrawal money but whenever i pay before the create new order and i am not able to withdraw the money i am totally break because the amount i invested is coming to my friend because they believe me i am asking as my personal work but i don’t have idea that the amount of mine is stucked i have requested to all don’t ever enter and please help me out if possible please 🙏🥺

How to file a complaint against Mall licenced work channel?

* Go to page
* Write Mall licenced work channel in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Mall licenced work channel.

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