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Reported By: Vivek.nami

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I am a NRI and had booked a flat in Mantri Lithos under 20-60-20 PEMI scheme which they told me a perfectly legal and will be mentioned in main sale/construction agreement. After paying 5 lakh as a booking amount, when we got Agreement papers, the papers didn’t have a mention about this PEMI scheme at all. When I complained about this, they said it’s normal and they always have one agreement for all and they don’t include any special PEMI scheme in general agreements. Then I asked them to provide a legal supporting document to declare this PEMI but they provided me on white paper with some useless text which doesn’t have any legal bindings. After trying out several times I found they have nothing but ill intentions, and they just want to pull customer money by any means. I realised that Mantri is a useless organization in terms of commitment. Later finally I decided to cancel my booking due to this fraud. Ideally they should refund my full money with interest and penalty which they seek in case customer does the cancellation on their personal reason. But in this case it’s their fault and I was forced to cancel it hence now I should ask penalty form them . But They told me that 25000 will be deducted if cancellation is requested. I agreed on deduction as I wanted to my money back asap, but as soon as I said yes, they took u-turn and replied money will be refunded when unit will be sold. Already more than 4 months has been passed since cancellation requestd and I yet to get my money back:( Guys, let me tell you all, I am an NRI and called them 1000 times, they don’t care their customer at all. You can’t invest on 1.5 crore property without all proper legal documents. I’ve seen so many post where customer have complained about PEMI scheme where EMI to customer is not paid back on time and they had to wait for several months. However, still they don’t provide any legal documents for such scheme and what action will be taken when they do such delay. All Mantri victims, please place your complaints here so that we would have helped someone not to become a victim like us.

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