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Reported By: Jamal0135

Contact information:
Marriott downtown -Abudhabi,UAE.
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

To mr, Davi Marriott General manager
Cc: Marriott headquarter Group-USA.
Cc:Customer service USA.

I am sending this message to highlight major problems with the Front Desk Staff, Valet Parking Attendant and Hotel Manager that I recently I encountered at the Marriott hotel in downtown Abu Dhabi on Monday, 31.July, 2017.I am a long standing customer with SPG Gold member.Starwood Prefered Gust.

Front Desk Staff:
Upon checking-in and paying for (3) nights, I informed the Front Desk Staff that I needed to self-park my car and asked for a parking pass/card. I was informed that guests must use the valet parking service and could not self-park their own cars for security reasons.

After challenging the Front Desk Staff on this policy, the requirement for valet parking only, continued to change such the reason eventually ended up being that paying guests who were only staying (3) nights were not entitled to a parking pass/card and must use valet parking.

I am all for security but as someone who does not allow hotel or any other service staff to park my car for safety and hygiene reasons, the Marriott’s Front Desk Staff’s changing explanations confirmed that the Front Desk Staff were not telling the truth.

• How could the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi put people at the Front Desk that outright and knowingly lie to guests?
• What ever happened to the “Customer is always right” I was not asking for anything out of the ordinary.

Valet Parking Attendant:

Eventually the Front Desk Staff relented and informed me that I COULD self-park my car in the Marriott hotel valet parking, without a parking pass/card but when I tried to do so, I encountered an aggressive Marriott valet parking attendant who practically threatened me regarding self-parking, even though the front desk informed me that they would inform the parking attendant to allow me to self-park.

• Is it the policy of the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi to allow employees to threaten guests and not be held accountable?
• Does the Marriott train their people in how to deal with customers?
I should have called the police so this employee could not threaten any more guests for it was clear during my discussion with the Manager of the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi that this employee would not be disciplined.
As I could not trust the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi or their staff, I cancelled my (3) night stay and moved to another more customer friendly hotel.
Hotel Manager:

As I was cancelling my stay, the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi Hotel Manager approached me at the front desk to understand what happened and while he tried to talk me out of cancelling my reservation, his attitude was both dismissive and condescending.
This was my first ever encounter with a Hotel Manager that simply did not seem to care about his guest’s welfare or the reputation of the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi.
• How could Marriott hire such a Hotel Manager who seemed to take joy in having a customer cancel a stay and walk out the door?
• If the Hotel Manager has this type of attitude towards guests, it is no wonder the Front Office Staff and Valet Parking Attendant treated me with such disrespect and disdain.

In summary, I would never go back to the Marriott Downtown hotel in Abu Dhabi because of the way I was treated and would encourage folks looking to stay at the Marriott Downtown hotel in Abu Dhabi to reconsider and select another hotel property in Abu Dhabi-you will thank me.

Dr, jamal Al kaabi

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