Mashreq Bank – credit card charges (improper charge)

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Reported By: Krishnan narayanan

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Mashreq Bank

• I was holding Mashreq “Etisalat Credit Card and I have been a regular (high usage) customer of the bank for the past so many years and makes the payment much before the due date
• During end of June, Mashreq Bank has sent an SMS, Mashreq-Etisalat card has been cancelled with Immediate effect.. They don’t bother to inform the customer in advance that the credit card will be cancelled effective from so and date in order for the customer to plan in advance to use the other credit card.
• No SMS /Call/Email from the Mashreq bank on the outstanding amount.
• On 05th oct 2017, I have received a recorded call on my mobile, there is an amount outstanding. From 09th of oct 2017, I am getting a recorded call on alternative day basis on the outstanding amount. Till that time no calls
• Called them back to check what is the issue and why there is a charge
• Call center informed there was a usage of credit card for AED 340 before the cancellation and penalty of AED 780 of not payment before the due date .
• When I countered them why there are no calls/SMS from Mashreq bank for the outstanding dues, they were saying email were sent to my email address, which I have not received unfortunately. I tried to explain them about my credit worthiness, history of payment on time .
• The issue lies on Mashreq for not informing the customer on time which they are not willing to agree inspite of calls to many call center staff .
• I don’t mind the outstanding amount, however I didn’t expect Mashreq Bank to behave in an unprofessional/unethical way of collecting money from the customer.. It tantamount to cheating/begging for money from the customer.

• I would appreciate if mashreq bank calls and resolve this issue asap (0097150-5684456)

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