Matrix Data Services – frauds

Reported By: Tahirunnisa

Contact information:
Matrix Data Services Maharashtra

The fraud company has a simple way to scam innocent person who are looking for home based job. The way of their scam is as follows: The form filling online job where they will give u 1000 forms to complete in 10 days, also they will ask us to sign a legal agreement and the accuracy of correct forms should be 90% if not I should pay 4000, I started d work and it is a difficult task and a lot of work, later I got to know that this is a scam firm, I got to know that after we complete our work they will tell there is no 90% accuracy and as per the agreement they will ask to pay 4000 if we do not pay then will take legal actions, now he is calling and blackmailing me, I’m sure they are not going to take any legal actions because it’s fake but I want someone to take strict actions against them.
I will be highly obliged if some one teach them a lesson.

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  1. Yes i too received a message that they will take legal action. they are blackmailing i got to know that the this a fraud & scam company .. i request the concern department to take speedy action reg the Matrix data services company their contact no is 8096715056.. pls do the needful. otherwise they will disturb innocent indian citizens.

    1. Fraud Awareness Team

      Hi Public,

      I am S. Vignesh, and I am one of the victims of this online Data Entry Job Scam. One day, I got a call from a girl from this fraud group, and she told me a lot of lies to me. They assured that their company is genuine, and the payment will be given to me if the quality of the project is 90% or more than 90%.

      Then, I was assigned a project of 1000 records that should be completed in 10 days. It was a form-filling project. In the beginning, I was informed that the QC report will be generated after 3 days from the date of submission. Then, I typed 1000 records and submitted the project in 10 days.

      6 days were over since I submitted the project, but I didn’t recive the QC report. Then, I asked their Helpline Department about this delay. Then, they blocked my numbers.

      Then, I noticed a lot of complaints about this fraud company on Consumer Complaints website. This company has cheated a lot of people in various company names, and website names.

      Then, I filed a Cyber Crime complaint with all of my proofs against this company. Then, I got a call from Cyber Crime police, and they informed me that more than 450 complaints have already been filed against this fraud group.

      Also, Cyber Crime Police gave me additional details about this fraud group, and confirmed that they are Cyber Criminals. Then, I was assured that some legal action would be taken against this fraud group.

      Let me list out the details that I got from the Cyber Crime police about this fraud group.

      1. This fraud group has many company names, and websites. All of their companies are not registered and fake.

      2. This fraud group keeps cheating and blackmailing the people for several years by giving fake data entry projects.

      3. Their stamp papers and legal notices are fake. They will blackmail the people by sending the fake documents.

      4. This fraud group has already cheated more than Rs. 35 lakhs by blackmailing the people.

      5. This fraud group keeps changing their company names, and their website names for cheating.

      Their fake companies:
      1. Trinity Infotech
      2. Infra Data Technology
      3. Datadesk Outsourcing Services

      Their fake websites:

      Contact Number’s of Frauds:


      I request all the victims not to send any money to this fraud group, scold them well and block their numbers. This fraud group can’t do anything with the fake documents.

      Also, the victims can file a Cyber Crime complaint online with your proofs against this fraud group by visiting the following link. Please request the police to recover your money from these frauds if anyone has lost the money to these frauds.


      இந்த மோசடி கும்பல் போலியான Data Entry Projects கொடுத்து பணம் பறிக்கும் கும்பல். இந்த மோசடி கும்பல், போலியான ஆவணங்கள் மற்றும் போலியான வக்கீல் நோட்டீஸ் மக்களுக்கு அனுப்பி மிரட்டி பணம் பறிக்க முயற்சி செய்யும்.

      யாரும் இந்த திருட்டு கும்பலுக்கு பணம் அனுப்பாதீர்! காவல் துறையிடம் புகார் கொடுத்து, உங்களுடைய இழந்த பணத்தை பெற்று கொள்ளுங்கள்!


      S. Vignesh


      To know more about the forgeries of this fraud group, please check the following complaints. Lots of victims have already submitted complaints against this fraud group.–threatening-or-bullying-calls-from-them-994/

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