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They offered me a part-time job, told me to recharge my money, and when I finished the task, they told me to finish all 15 tasks. However, the amount of money for each task increased until I reached the last task, at which point they demanded that I recharge with a sizable sum of money for the next task. If I didn’t do this, they threatened to freeze my money, and I couldn’t withdraw until they unfroze it.

Since I recharge and recharge to earn money, the total amount, including the fee, is 32,327.87 thousand pesos, but you cannot withdraw.
They promised me that once I recharge another 29,000 thousand pesos and finish another task, I can withdraw my money. However, what if they tell me to recharge and finish another task once more? I have no idea what to do. How can I get my money back. Please help me on this. I invested 24 thousand pesos, but I was unable to withdraw it because it was locked in.


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    Same happened with me last month but i was fortunate that with help of consumer forum i got my refund, don’t loose hope you still have chances you can email me i will send you details. Look at my profile you can get email..

  2. hello I got scammed 21,562 php aswell I saw the ad on instagram I thought it was legitimate in some sense. Can I ask if you have any progress dito