Mercadongr (NGN-shops) – I am complaining about my inability to be refunded from an online shopping operated by Mercadongr transactions

Reported By: Ifeoluwa

Contact information:
Mercadongr (NGN-shops) Lagos

On the 26th of October, 2022, I was contacted via WhatsApp by Wyman Shayne with the phone number 08055685355, claiming to be from the Human Resources department of Amazon, Nigeria branch. It was stated in the message he sent that companies are looking for part-time online employees and if I am interested in the part-time job, I should join the hiring Manager’s WhatsApp link. The link was

I had always wanted to start a part-time job, so I joined the WhatsApp link. I was welcomed by the name Merlin, she claimed to be the customer service of the recruitment centre.
She explained to me that the platform is a third- party intelligent marching platform that cooperates with online shopping platform merchant such as Amazon, Tmall, eBay, Jingdong, Walmart, BEST BUY, Target, NewEgg, Wayfar, Overstock etc.
She asked me to provide my name, age, occupation and shopping experience which I did.
She told me I would earn commission by completing the merchandise order task specified by the merchant and the system will automatically return my principal and commission. She sent me a link – to register my account. I registered my account via the link and I told her my username. The system automatically rewarded me 1000 naira and she told me to top up 2000 naira to get task and earn commission.

On the 2nd of November, I made a payment of 2000 naira into Ayomide Risikat Ibrahim with Opay account number- 7042855897 (that was the account number generated by the system for me to make payment into). I sent Merlin the screenshot of the payment and she confirmed my payment on the 3rd of November.
She later sent me a Telegram link- to contact their tutor who will guide me and arrange work task for me.

I joined the link and I was welcome by the name Amanda, who claim to be the tutor. She guided me on how to perform tasks on their system ( that is grabbing orders, submitting and completing orders and making withdrawal). I logged in back into my account and I was given three tasks to complete. I completed the three tasks and I made my withdrawal. In less than 15 minutes, I received a credit alert of 3, 870 naira into my bank account.
The next day, I made a recharge of 5000 naira and I was given four tasks to complete. Before the completion of the task, the system popped up a message that I have a gap of 2886.54 naira to complete the order. So I had to recharge by transferring the amount to a Palmpay account number 9550318988 belonging to Damilola Stephen Luro. I completed the tasks and I made my withdrawal afterward. I received a credit alert of 10,642 naira into my bank account.

I requested for another task and I recharge 5000 naira into the Opay account number, 8121444110 belonging to Haruna Alabi. I was given 10 tasks to complete.
In the process of working on the task, the system kept popping up messages that I needed to top up to be able to complete my tasks.

I reached out to Amanda that I don’t have up to the amount the system is demanding me to recharge. She advised me to borrow from family and friends to complete the task and when I am done I could refund the money I have borrowed and still get my commission.
I went on from recharging 8, 597 to 20, 818 to 60, 158 just to complete the task and get back my money.

However, instead of completing the task, the system kept increasing the amount for me to top up and even increased the task from 10 tasks to 15 tasks! The system demanded that I recharge 169, 305 naira for me to submit the 12th order out of the 15 tasks.

At that point, I reached out again to Amanda complaining about the increase in tasks and top ups. She told me the tasks increased to 15 because I couldn’t finish the task within two hours. She told me the higher the task, the higher the commission that I would receive. She advised me again to borrow and finish up the task on time as that is the only way I can get back my principal and commission.

I was frustrated as I had already borrowed from many people. In a bid to recover all the money I had invested, I borrowed and recharged 169,305 naira again.
Shockingly, as I was on the 14th task, the system popped up another message again asking me to recharge 246, 697.01 naira.
I was totally in despair then I reached out to Amanda again. I informed her that I am no longer interested and I would love to have back all the money I have invested without any commission. She replied that the only way to do that is to complete the task. She said the system wouldn’t allow me to withdraw unless all the tasks has been completed.
I complained to her that I have borrowed from too many people just to complete the task and earn back my money. I told her I don’t have anyone else to borrow money from. She insisted the only way to get back my money even without commission is for me to recharge and complete the task.

Now, I don’t have any money with me and I have borrowed from too many people.
I am requesting for a refund of my money invested into Mercadongr starting from 4th to 5th of November, 2022.

Below is the account details and amounts invested into Mercadongr from 4th to 5th of November, 2022.

Fri. 4th Nov. #5,000 to Haruna Alabi with Opay acct no-8121444110.

Sat. 5th Nov. #8,597 to Damilola Stephen Luro with Palmpay acct no-9550318988.

Sat. 5th Nov. #20, 818 to Damilola Stephen Luro with Palmpay acct no-9550318988

Sat. 5th Nov. #60, 158 to Damilola Stephen Luro with same Palmpay account number

Sun. 6th Nov. #169, 305 to Damilola Stephen Luro with same Palmpay account number.

Total amount= #263, 878

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