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Reported By: Chukwu Esther

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Mercadongr (NGN_shop) Nigeria Lagos

I was contacted on Nov 1 2022 by this number 09066440536 through wattsapp and he introduced the online job to me. I asked him how he got my number and replied me that it’s through their big data base. He replied me that he was customer service from Amazon branch located in Lagos and they are hiring part time workers that will be working from home. I asked about the job and I was told that it has do with increasing sales and visibility if the product to merchant and I only need to recharge with 2000 in which 1000 will be deposited to my registration page. I was introduced to Ella Felicia on telegram. The first and the second recharge was successful cos it requires little amount and tasks with the commission attach to it. On 5th of Nov 2022 I was asked to recharge 5000naira to grab another order which I did thinking that it will be the same as previous one, during the process I was asked to recharge 8000 again that my balance cannot complete it which I did, till I recharge another one 20000, later I was asked to recharge 60200 to be able to complete the task before I will be able to withdraw my funds which I do not have. I just want a refund of my money. I’ve been paying the money to Haruna Alabi with acc number 8121444110 through Opay bank


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    I was also get contacted on 22 october 2022 by this number 09029500089 the person called Aini on this job , the same thing I experienced . Now they ask me to invest 37815 and I don’t have it . So I wanted to withdraw my money but they told me that I can’t do so unless when I finished the task . Please I also need the help

    1. Same to me here I deposited 116,000 and they said I can’t withdraw my money till I finished the task I have a gap of 200,000.i pity my self please also need a help.