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Reported By: Agbo Dillion Sule

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Mercadongr (NGN_Shops) Nigeria lagos

November 2nd i was chatting an amazon agent called Alison who told me about a part time job that i can earn money from just with my phone and i was interested and she asked me to create an account which i will be given 1000 Naira bonus and i created the account and got the bonus, she told me that i will need up to 3000 Naira in my account to kick start with the task that since i already have 1000 bonus i will recharge 2000 and did and After that i was redirected to one miss Alice on Telegram to start my task

Miss Alice gave me the first task which i completed and wanted to withdraw my money but she kept insisting that i do the second task and withdraw money that the second task will cost me 5000 Naira and i already have 3000 Naira so i should top up 2000 Naira and i top up Eventually and started the second task and while trying to execute the task i got a message that i don’t have enough balance to complete the task and i reached out to Alice who asked me to top up 7500 Naira and complete the task to withdraw my money and at this point i told her i don’t have the money don’t intend to continue but she asked me to get the money from a friend and complete the task and withdraw the money and pay back and i got the money from my brother and top up and started the task again but to my greatest surprise i got same message again that i don’t have enough balance to continue and this time Alice asked me to top up 36,000 Naira to continue and this time am so frustrated and couldn’t control my anger

I told Alice that i cant continue because i dont have the money and she kept saying i should recharge and complete the task and withdraw
just want a refund because i dont have the money to continue please

i paid to the account below

Bank: opay
Account No: 7042855897
Account Name: Ayomide Risikat Ibrahim

200 NGN
200 NGN
7,500 NGN

And pay back to this account Below

Agbo Dillion Sule

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