Mercadongr (NGN_Shops) Nigeria – Unethical behavior

Reported By: Adeola

Contact information:
Mercadongr (NGN_Shops) Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria

I was contacted on WhatsApp yesterday 30th October by Diana with phone number 08085730658, she claimed to work with the human resource department of Amazon branch in Nigeria and employers are looking for part time online employees and directed me with a link to an hiring Manager, called Li Wie with phone number 09039377392 who I took my time to ask how it works she sent me a link afterwards https://
to pay in 1000 naira and screenshot the receipt to her so as to direct me to someone on Telegram who will teach me how to start the task.

I made the payment eventually the same day and sent the receipt to her, she then sent a link connecting me to Isabella on Telegram who asked for my username and registered phone number on the site which I sent and further asked questioned but never mentioned me using my money to complete task(having gaps)

She said the task involves purchase of item of which I can withdraw the commission and capital after completing the task, I completed the first and second task which had 3 orders each to grab and I was able to withdraw 3821 naira and 10308 after recharging #5000 Isabella then asked if I would like to earn more of which I said yes then they started demanding more than I have in the account of which I recharged 3000, 11460 and 54167 to fill gaps so as to fill gaps then on the 12th task of 15

I was asked to pay a difference of 121145 of which I couldn’t afford I contacted Isabella again and she said I have to look for the money that I can borrow from family and friends to complete the task I even tried pleading she helps out that I had to borrow to cover the difference of 54167 earlier which she knows about but she insisted she can’t help me out that I should source for the money anyhow and finish the task, I asked her why she didn’t explain everything in details even after asking her if I would have to use my money at any point.

Now I can’t withdraw my money nor continue with the task and don’t plan continue because the more the task the higher the demand and I’m only a student now I can’t afford to lose so much money.

PLEASE I WILL love to get a refund

Below is the account number I paid into and how much I paid and a screenshot of the last payment

Bank: Opay
Account Number: 7064595972
Account Name: Opeyemi Mumini Azeez

3000 NGN

10,000 NGN

11,460 NGN

55,000 NGN

Total – 79460 NGN

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