Mercadongr (NGN_Shops) Nigeria – Unethical Behaviour

Reported By: Onyilimba Odinaka

Contact information:
Mercadongr (NGN_Shops) Nigeria Abuja

One Gillian, claiming to be a HR Personnel for Amazon Nigeria, chatted me up on WhatsApp. And said that the company wálas recruiting for part-time online jobs. She described the company as a third party firm, matching orders from online shoppers. She gave me a website link, and asked me register, and get a 1000 Naira bonus.
After registration, I was told ri deposit 2000 Naira in the website account. After I did that, she referred me to Beti on telegram. Beti guided me through the first transaction, I completed a task for 3000 Naira and got a profit of 3,956 Naira. I was then asked to deposit 5000 Naira, which I did. I was given tasks to complete, but to my dismay the tasks were much more expensive than my balance on the platform, I was asked to recharge 8000 Naira from my account, which. I did.
As I kept on completing the tasks, I was asked again to deposit 20, 818 Naira. Which I did, I kept on completing the tasks, till I was asked to deposit another 60,158 Naira . I did so, and continued with the tasks..
I kept asking Beti, if I could withdraw the capital and bonuses I already have on the platform, she insisted that I must complete all tasks, before withdrawal can be made . As I wá about to complete the task, I was asked to deposit the amount of 169,350 in the platform again. I told her that I couldn’t afford such amount, and she asked me to borrow and complete the tasks. Assurind me of withdrawal of capital and profits.
I have been stranded since then, unable to withdraw money or continue the tasks.
Beti or Gillian didn’t properly explain what these transactions entailed.
The accounts I paid into are :

Gillian’s number +2348167739011

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