Mercadongr (NGN_Shops) – Refund

Reported By: Joseph Emavwoyan

Contact information:
https:// Warri

I was contacted on the 28th of October by Stroman Oswald with mobile number of 08139766165 and I was told that ” This is Amazon (Nigerian Ministry of Resources) is looking for a partner. The work is very simple, a mobile phone can do it! This can be done in your spare time and will not interfere with your current work. daily wages. 20000-200000NGN. Note: This job only accepts 20 applicants a day. If you are interested in this business! Click to consult WhatsApp: So of course I contacted the number which was named Annie and she put me through the step of registration in which I was credited a complementary amount of 1000 and I was told to recharge 2000 naira to continue in which I did. Afterwards I she sent me a +639152181349 and I contacted the number and she instructed me to on how to do tasks and I did everything peacefully, I did the first task I got 1800 I did the second one also and then my cumulative income turned to 4000 naira which all was successfully withdrawn and then she asked me if want to make more money which I glady obliged to. She asked me the amount I want I told her 5000 and then I proceeded to recharging on which I recharge 5000 naira and she refresh the task I continued to doing the task of which I found out that the higher you go the higher the amount and I continued recharging everything in my account untill I was stuck at oder 8 where I was told to recharge to complete the gap on which my account balance was 28398 to get to 65731 in order to proceed to the next stage. Please am only a student in the Federal University of Petroleum Resources. I would please appreciate it if my money was refunded back to me
5000 and
Total= 21842 naira
Please I need my Money back not the principal just my money. Thank you

How to file a complaint against Mercadongr (NGN_Shops)?

* Go to page
* Write Mercadongr (NGN_Shops) in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Mercadongr (NGN_Shops).

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