Mercadongr(NGN_shops) Nigeria – Fraud

Reported By: Fache Dorcas

Contact information:
Mercadongr(NGN_shops) Nigeria Lagos

I was contacted on WhatsApp with this number +2348136587322 on the 12 October 2022, she claims to be the customer service of the recruitment center (Nigeria branch) that they are in need of part time online employees and will earn between 2000-200000NGN in 10 minutes.

I was afraid to try but she convinced me so I give in that very day on the 12 October. She introduced me to one ‘alice’ on telegram for guidance and get started.

I registered and received 1000NGN as my welcome bonus. I was advice to recharge 2000NGN with 10% commission which I did, after the task was completed I was ask to withdraw my money back to my bank account (main money and the commission) 3,789NGN. I decided to go for the second task which I was ask to recharge 5000NGN unfortunately my task was increase but I started it hoping that I will be able to complete it, but they give me items more than my balance.

I was ask to recharge and make the difference, the first was 3000NGN, the second was 14,000NGN while the last one was 61,000NGN. Before recharging I contacted Alice and she advised me to borrow money that I will make withdraw and paid back. But when I try to withdraw it’s not possible until I complete the task which I was not aware of.

Please I need now Is my money, just return my money without the commission.

Names of bank I paid into

Account name: Alexander Ogunjobi
Account number: 4000067580
Bank: Eyowo
: 5000NGN
: 3000NGN

Account name: Rianot Ibrahim
Account number: 4000062121
Bank: Eyowo
: 61,000NGN


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