Mercadongr(NGN_Shops) Nigeria – I want refund of my money

Reported By: Adejumo yusuf dada

Contact information:
Mercadongr (NGN_Shops) Nigeria branch

My name is adejumo yusuf dada, someone message me on Whatsapp which she introduced mercadongr to me and she told me that do I want to make money and I said yes she now introduce me to Adam on telegram, Adam put me through, I first recharge 3000, then 5000, then 27000, and later 62200, but the next recharge it brings for me to complete the 15 task being is 125000 which I can’t even avoid pls I need my money back they should take there commission pls help me oooo the last recharge I make is 62200 I can’t continue with that task again I have borrow and borrow

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