Merchant Amazon center Ecomm Philippines branch – Online scam in the name of part time job/investment

Reported By: Dheeraj

Contact information:
Merchant Amazon center Ecomm Philippines branch Bangalore

I received a notification from google while searching for part time jobs.
I acknowledged the invitation that loaded the WhatsApp page.

The Agent’s Name was Trisha Ann I. Rodrigues (+63-9310334517) from Philippines.
The Agent explained me about how I can earn income on Amazon Merchant Platform investing little amounts.
I was provided a joining bonus of 100/- and then was asked to recharge for 200/- which I did to complete a order purchase.
I in-return was able to withdraw 320/- for the first time.
The second task was to complete 2 orders at the time and was a total amount of 660+499, I again recharged for 1159/- and was able to complete the task.

The next task was tricky, the agent said I will have to complete 3 tasks similar way to earn my commission.
I assumed it will be of similar amount and said okay.
The first order in task 3 was for an amount of 2560/-, I recharged and completed the task, the next one was 7500/-, I checked with the agent and as she confirmed its only 3-5 random tasks and you will have a chance to make good money if you complete the whole task. So I agreed and recharged and completed the order.
The next order was for an amount of 18999, I asked the agent to stop this order and return my money back, she said once I complete 3 tasks, I will be able to withdraw the total amount, I was skeptical and went ahead and recharged and completed the order.
The problem started when I got continuously more tasks in level 3 in order to retrieve my money. I stated that I wanted to end this and want to withdraw my money.
The agent told she can’t help withdraw the money as it’s “Frozen”, All this happened on 11/11/2021.

The agent informed her shift ends at 11:30 PM and ended the conversation and the next day, on 12/11/2021 the agent texts me on WhatsApp requesting my next move. I made it clear that I wanted to end this show and get my money back, so the agent informed that the alternative is to recharge the same amount frozen so we they can unfreeze and help me withdraw the money, the amount frozen was 46781/-.
I had no other choice but to get my money back by recharging, So I recharged for 46718/- to the UPI ID’s shared.

Once I recharged, the agent came up telling my money is “unfreeze” now and I can withdraw the amount.
The amount was a total of 133436.45 (46718+46718+bonus of 40,000)
I had agreed to withdraw where in the we process the withdrawal and the withdrawal “Failed”
When asked for the reason, the agent informed that the finance team informed her that I need to pay GST.
I explained that GST gets deducted and the amount gets transferred and which didn’t happen, so the agent sends a image of PNB (Philippine National Bank) requesting me to pay 24018 as “Central Goods and Services Charge”
I informed I can’t pay that and then the agent said that if I complete level 3 tasks, the company will pay the GST and I will be able to withdraw the cash without additional money.
I had completed 3 tasks and the agent confirmed that it will be 3-5 random tasks with commission, I had no other option but to agree because my money was stuck in the online account (merchant account).
The next task was for a total amount of 109900/-, The amount was huge I was skeptical, but the agent assured me that the money is safe and can be withdrew once the tasks are complete. I took a chance and made the transaction. So the next task finally appears which is an amount of 59900/-, I was clearly told that If I complete 3-5 tasks (5 tasks maximum) I can withdraw my money without paying a single buck. I somehow arranged the money completed the transaction and then get another task (6th task), I raged on the agent stating the company is a fraud and is taking my money. The agent agreed to what I said and texted me separately on “Telegram”.

The agent texted me on telegram stating that she is sorry and she wants to help me, I was happy that my money will be returned, she told she unfreeze some amount (1,93,780 – which included commission). I begged her to return the money, she said she cannot help until the tasks are complete. I looked into the task and the amount needed was 2,98200/-.
I confirmed that I was being looted and asked her to return my money in a descent way, she then said that she’d help me out and added additional 35000 and 240 requesting me to arrange 50000/- so we can get the level completed and have my money. I was scared as all my money was locked on this merchant account and hence requested my friends to help, after I paid 50,000 the agent again started making excused and informed was in short of 16460/-. I was frustrated and wanted all of this to end so I went ahead and paid the total amount and completed level 3.

I invested a total of approx. 3,10,000/- and the total amount with commission after I completed level 3 was 1056498. I requested them to just help me withdraw the amount I invested and the agent said she can’t do that but can help me withdraw the whole amount.
I was afraid and wanted my money back, so I agreed to what was told to me and applied for a withdrawal, the agent informed that the withdrawal will take 30 ,minutes to 1 hour time.

I applied for a withdrawal and waited for an hour, I didn’t receive any money and on the application, the withdrawal failed. I tried contacting the agent multiple times but there was no answer on 11/12.

The whole night on 12/11 I waited for my money. I had nothing.
The next morning the agent finally acknowledges my texts and says that the money will be processed within 30 minutes to 1 hrs. as the finance team had logged out on 12/11 and couldn’t process my request.
Hours pass by but no signs of money being deposited to the account.
The agent comes back telling that the finance team has paid 18% GST to Indian Govt. as the company is situated in Philippine’s, They also sent me a fake Swift copy.
Then I requested when can I expect the money transferred to the account, they come up with a new story and started requesting me to transfer them 1,26,779.76 INR as a security deposit for the bank to process my funds, they stated that if I don’t complete this transaction within 24 – 48 hrs. time they’ll delete my account (terminate) and I will loose all my money.
I raged and informed them I need all the money invested immediately else I will have to report this crime.
The agent with a smile says on call that I can do what ever but will not be able to get my money unless I pay 12% of the amount that was supposed to be transferred.
The agent also asked the merchant to talk to me, his name was Ravi Shankar (+63-995-106-1604) said he was from Ludhiana but resided in Philippines from past 13 years, he provoked me to pay else forget all the money I invested.


How to file a complaint against Merchant Amazon center Ecomm Philippines branch?

* Go to page
* Write Merchant Amazon center Ecomm Philippines branch in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Merchant Amazon center Ecomm Philippines branch.

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  1. Hi buddy, they played with me also can you connect with me. i was also duped by them around the same dates as you mentioned and the same story

            1. Hi l also lost my money to them recently how it can be solved is anything solution for that…I lost nearly one lakh pls help me
              My merchant number is +63 963 757 6483
              And another who speak with like a manager he blamed me so much his number is +63 956 637 2242

    1. Hello
      If i m here, it means my problem is same, i have total mobile numbers of the scammers screenshorts, upi ids, conversations, etc
      If there is somebuddy ‘s help including me, i m given these screenshots

    2. Anupriya Goel

      Same thing happened with me I invested 2.5 lakh and no withdrawal is given to me yet please take some strict actions

  2. Hey I too trapped and lost my 30,000 how to get that return plz any one tell me
    Same story with me again they are freezing my amount. Till know I deposited 30,000 and they they want me to deposit 54600 .and after that they will pay for me.

    1. Hi Zareena! They are stubborn and even not replying to my messages. May be we can connect together and take action against them

      1. Hi
        I have seen your post in social media regarding the scam on Amazon merchant US Centre Philippine. I have also lost the money in same way, could you please provide your mobile number so that we can see if any way to get back the money.

        Mobile number
        80864 74249

    2. Hi Zareena, i lost 3 lakhs rupees in it, please do not expect anything from their side, we all need to file complaint about them. We together can do something to take an action against it.

  3. Hello @dheeraj I’m also a victim of this company , I’ve lost morethan 5 lakhs please contact me if u have any solution for this.

  4. Hey myself adharsh c they cheated me also
    For me i lost 50000 rs
    Please find some solution
    Refund the money and punish them
    My customer assistance is marj

    1. Hai sir,
      I am subrahmanyam I loss money please any suggisstion my deposited amount how to refund tell me…

  5. I just now received msg on watsapp.. Thank you all for your helped me from this scam.. I told her to go to hell for cheating so many people..

  6. I faced the same thing, must take grave action but how will we get refund? Please refund the amount that i invested in!

  7. Hi please help me any one .I have also facing same money also 286k..sticked that me anyone for this mob no 8899711885..please

    1. The merchant who did fraud with me her number is +63 929 705 9296.and her number is active too. But she is not replying.
      Plz help mě by doing something .

  8. I also had the same issue. I too lost amount of Rs. 300000 and do let me know what can we do?
    can we take the details of the people to whom we have done google pay or any other payment gateway.

  9. Hello,,, l have already completed my 2lv task but could not have withdrawn my money… seems me withdraw fail…… me as my faithful friend/sir….my customer assistant doesn’t reply me after completing my 2lv task….my money remains set on my merchant account balance…,…l need to withdraw money ….l am crying for not guiding me how to use next task 😔😔😔….please….

  10. I invested 2lakhs they are telling that there is a issue 639673968915 miss eyya is the name pls I need my money back

  11. Hi mam. Iam Nandhini. I have done two tasks but I can’t withdraw my money. I totally invested 2298 rs. Iam not a rich family. Iam coming from poor family. Till also iam not having sufficient food for eating 3 meals. Iam struggling to live my life. So only i decided to do work in home and earn money. So I borrowed 2000rs from my friend and I invested in your merchant center. But you are cheated me by freezing my account. Now I can’t do anything to repay my debt for my friend. She is continuously asking money now. What can I do. Pls refund my money. I am begging you to return my money please bcz I need to give her. Cheated merchant number:+63 948 938 8836

  12. I saw advertisement and start chating with customer assistant of Amazon merchant he gave me link for registration process and I do .I am registered on Amazon merchant Philippines. Now I am in trouble . I am unable to withdrawal my all amount approximately 67000₹ which I deposit in it. Iam unable to arrange huge amount 72000₹ now what I do. I am afraid at this of losing all amount.

  13. Mee too. I lost 3.5 lakhs. I invested blindly and doomed. I don’t know what should I have to do now? If you have any solution cann you help me with how to get my money back..

  14. I have also faced the same issue and got trap and lost 284000 in this scam , pls help me to get my money back

  15. Hello
    If i m here, it means my problem is same, i have total mobile numbers of the scammers screenshorts, upi ids, conversations, etc
    If there is somebuddy ‘s help including me, i m given these screenshots

  16. Hii i think we all should complaint against her
    Make a whatsup group i m sure they re not from Philippines ther re from pls its time for fight we didn’t let go our money

  17. Hi l also lost my money to them recently how it can be solved is anything solution for that…I lost nearly one lakh pls help me
    My merchant number is +63 963 757 6483
    And another who speak with like a manager he blamed me so much his number is +63 956 637 2242

  18. I have lost my PLZZ help me..return my all money.i borrow money from friends so, how I can replace that money

  19. Kanchan Rakshe

    I also invested 3.5lakh .. But all are lost.. They only say, I have to pay security fees and handling fees for getting back my money.. But I can’t pay that huge amount.. Please help me to sort out this , I am in very bad condition now.. Please take action

  20. That also happened to me from Colombia. I have 3,800,000 frozen and it tells me that I have to finish the task to be able to withdraw it whenever I ask what I want to cancel so that the money can be returned to me.
    the phone number is: +63 920 264 1323, it’s called “dums”.
    can someone tell me what i should do

  21. Amazon merchant platform is very very false and fraud, scam. please koy bhi in logo ki baato me mat aana aapka sara money ye log sirf recharge karva karva ke barbaad kar denge, agent bol ke sale sare ke sare fraud karte hai please agar koy money wapas lane ke liye kisike pas solution ho to sab ko help karo yaar ..bahut sare logo ko fasaya hai in logo ne ,,,aise logo ko sabak jarur milna chahiye …at least koy cyber crime ko janta ho achhi tarah se to sabki help karo, …my contact number is here 8485904580.

    1. Harshit Kumar Sharma

      Hello to all…i want to do something for it as i am alos trapped bt only 1000rs…so if you all want to take action against it…then msg me in my WhatsApp…9548197768
      I will try to get our money back from these

          1. Sir sep 15 I lost 180000 in same way which u r telling number is+639694129094…..plz help me out the side I amzon8801…plz do something

  22. Me suraj jogi mere sath bi aisa hi horaha hai pehele 200 recharge Kiya wo aagaya phir 5500 ka bola fir 20999 rs bola Maine kya Kiya recharge karte samay bifal huwa usiko edit karke successful transaction batake photo bhej di our usne mujhe dhamki deraha hai kanuni karbahi karunga Mera bhi Paisa fasgaya hai me kya karu mujhe bi help chahiye koi upaye he to batana me request kartahu

  23. same! the agent said I just need to complete the task and the bulk amount is already shooting up to 20k I was scared to click. prior to that I have given an 18k amount I can’t withdraw my money I have also been begging them and they said complete the task to withdraw the money. so I was convinced until I needed to fund again so that the task will be finished I was asked to just give 18500 to withdraw my money. and now when I was trying to withdraw it says I have a credit below 10p which means I needed to fund another P20k to get my money I was already agitated but they kept on insisting one last and you will get your money. How on earth did this happened?? So now I am already figuring out on how I can pay my bills in one day in just 24 hrs they ripped me off for 57k I hope people will not fall into their scam but u can see they have a telegram business post where they are providing screenshots of the money their so called staffs have wihdrawn.

    This is such a pity to think the person in contact ate filipinos

  24. Mayflor Alvissi

    Same happen to me can u please help us so no more people will be scamed again.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  25. Hiee sir,iam Nandini,i have also invested a lot of moneyy in this platform and I cannot withdraw them, iam a student and put all of my money in this,i request them to unfreeze all my moneyy and allow me to withdraw it

  26. Also I have lost 8 thousand rupees and I am very poor people…please help me if anybody have solution.
    its totally fraud work.

  27. Hey everybody… I have also fallen to this this cheap trick of theirs and now they r asking me to pay more 89888/- and so far in this level 3 a total of my money 120000/- is freezed. Please help me find a way to get my money back if any of you have any ways! I beg of you please help!

  28. FF Amazon Philippines | Buy and Sell Mobile or Online, the best shopping flatporm is also scam? Because i try to finish level two but there is make up up money to go in next level. Thanks

  29. My agent name s keisha my problem started n level 3 she s asking more money to complete d task finally she s saying pay 1l then onli u ill gt ur money back otherwise u won’t I said give my money otherwise I’m goin to complaint she said ours s legit u can do whatever u want please help me to get my money back

  30. I have too lost my money with this online part time job .
    They are cheating with us . Firstly they speaking very politely then they shows their real face . They asking recharge money more and more . I have to get my money .

      1. Sir sep 15 I lost 180000 in same way which u r telling number is+639694129094…..plz help me out the side I amzon8801…plz do something….any one get ur money back…..tell me what have to do to get the money back

  31. Hi i also lost my money to them recently how it can br solved is anything solution for that…i lost nearly 70000 plz help me And another money is borrow from frds So how i can replace that money i m in very bad condition now . Plz let’s take action
    My merchant number is +63 9291805379 her name is lexi gomze
    Plz help me i spend all my college fees on this i m a student plz help how can i back my money from them
    its my email plz contact me if anyone have a solution plzz i request all of u plz help me