Merchem limited – any way I can claim my 3 month salary ?

I was recruited to this firm (IT subsidiary) on April 2014 with great promises. When I Joined there then only realized that this company didn’t pay a single penny to its employee from January 2014 (and the problem started from Nov 2013). This company destroyed my 6 year old career. I don’t know y the hell they recruited people when it was about to go bankrupt. when I asked the same question to HR u know what they told!!! “It Happened that’s all, now lets work for the company”. HR told all the problems will be sorted out by end of April. But April , May and June passed nothing happened and I worked there with out salary for 3 months. During a Meeting the MD had the Guts to tell us to ask money from our Parents to live and survuve. Finally I understood that this company is gone case so I searched for another job and got it(by god’s grace). I am still waiting to get my 3 months salary. Actually speaking I am not at all confident if they will give that also. If they didn’t give me the salary is there any way I can claim it?

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