miracas international – order not delivered

My order number is- 76863 (blazzer from this site) ammount-3, 290

It shows that your order is pending with indian custom ! Last time I orderd same thing it got cancelled(order no-75262) but it got repeated same as before.It took two months and Shows the same message earlier that your “order is pending with custom” .I message, called, requested to higher authority to deliver my product as soon as possible, but neither they lisitened nor they replied for confirmation message. My money is already paid with mircas before my order. they take approx a month to deliver any product, its okay but after waiting for almost 14-16 days it dispays that your order is pending with indian customer, after that they will tell that it take 2-4 days but they didnt deliver after taking approx 2 month. after that i have got a mail that your order has been cancelled!! kindly guide me how can i get my money back from these type of fraud site!!!

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