Mnd Technology Gurgaon – fraud company not registered

This company is not registered. so don’t job at here.

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  1. How can a company is good in which owner come after having drinks and never pick calls of the clients and employees. don’t have any fixed salary day (don’t know get salary cash or cheque and when). Always say to the employee a fix statement “KAAL SEI MAAT AANA” is you say something.

    Sachin and Anil i am totally agree.

    company is totally fraud, specially Manish Dalal is fraud, he give false commitment to employees just to hold them with the company and don’t give anything in written so that they would not able to leave the company and in the end do wrong things with them,

    Company landline number never works and don’t have any other number to contact.

  2. Shubham Saluja

    I am working in the MND Technologies from previous 2 years. I started my career in this company at the post of Software Trainee. Now I am working at the post of Sr. Software Developer. I am getting my salary each and every month at time. I agree company is not yet Pvt. Ltd. but company is not fraud. We are known by our work not by our name.

    We don’t give any stipend to that trainee who doesn’t know anything about .net or sql. If the trainee doesn’t work according to our requirement than why any company will keep that person in his company and give him/her salary. If company can give handsome salary to everyone for their work then company can also fire the employees if they don’t meet the company requirements.

    It is so easy for a person who is fired from the company to say company is fraud or Mr. Manish Dalal is fraud. I am working with this company and Mr. Manish Dalal from previous 2 years and it doesn’t seem anything fraud or wrong to me.

    You have to prove yourself by your work. If anyone of you think that company is fraud/illegal, you can come and see our company in New Palam Vihar.

    Thanks and Regards
    Shubham Saluja
    Sr. Software Developer
    MND Technologies

  3. The company mnd technology is totally fraud. Manish Dalal is fraud.

    He firstly told you the timings in office be 10am to 10pm for first 3 months and then when come to the salary time(after 3 months) then he said, “your performance was not good, So I’ll not able to give salary.”

    So I’m agree with the statements given by Sachin and Anil.

    Ex-Employeer Of MND Technologies

  4. MND Technology is a fraud company, Manish said false statement about their employees and stipend….. Don’t job there

  5. Dear Sachin,

    I would like to respond to your complaint that the company is fraud.

    Please be informed that MND Technologies is a sole proprietorship firm and not a Pvt. Ltd. company. Being the owner of the company, the company is running in my name, paying required Taxes and salary to its employees.

    If you have chance to get in touch with the people working at MND Technologies, you will come to know that the company has actual projects and real clients who are paying.

    The only thing that you may find offensive is that we do not pay any stipend to fresher trainees during their first 3 months of training, then depending on the performance of the candidate they may get stipend or proper salary or training period may be terminated.

    I would appreciate if you could come down to our office in New Palam Vihar, Gurgaon and see yourself that people here are enjoying their work and learning a lot in the process.


    Manish Dalal
    (Sole proprietor)
    MND Technologies