Modi Builders – HMDA Hyderabad not approving my LRS / Building Plan

I have 600 Sq.Yards at Survey No.129 at Ghatkesar, Side to Modi Builders – Sunshine Park I have applied for LRS, and Paid Half of the Amount to HMDA, They have rejected the LRS because that survey number is in water body, (HUDA itself given the land use detail that it is Residential use in the year 1985, I got that certificate, Now they are saying that it is water body, In the same Sy.No.129- Modi Builders has purchased land and constructed 184 blocks and sold the villa. by approval HMDA. How can it happen. I have gone to HMDA Ghatkesar Office and given the letter, they never gone through, they say we dont know any thing, we are Railway Employees, that land belongs to Railway employees society, we have purchased and drafted the layout and approved by GramPanchayat also, When we want to construct house, they are not permitting the building, I have purchased the ghatkesar map from survey of India Uppal, when we have searched there is not wate body, in that area and sy.No. I have shown to Hmda – Tarnaka (Sharma sir) , still it is not resolved. what to do. If they have any doubt let them to see that location (area) taking survey of india people and solve the issue. this is my reuest . when the same one could get permission and other not getting is an cheating non other than.

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