MTS Mblaze Broadband

High incompetence, unprofessional behaviour by MTS

I was sold a post paid MBlaze data card with MDN No: XXXXXXX964 on 28-sept-2013 by MTS sales representative for Rs 1714.00 . Even after providing the all essential documents such as address proof, id proof and photo id on the same day of device purchase , my MTS data card connection was still not active even by 2-october-2013 as the representative told that it will take 24 hours for activation. My repeated calls to the representative who has sold me the device has stopped to responding to my calls. I even tried contacting the customer care , every time I get response that they do not have any status information on this. I have decided not to buy the MTS data card now as i do not have trust on MTS support capabilities. Hence i would let everyone who reads this review to know and alert that do not buy MTS data card ever. Please think thrice before making a purchase. I had called them around 15 times to their customer care by 07-october-2013, still no resolution to my problems. I am asking them on how to return the device and get my money back for which they evading this. The people from this con company are completely unprofessional so you will not get any help from them. I have listed my bad experience below.

I was told to pay Rs:1500 on telephone call, but i was later asked to pay Rs: 1714. When queried for same i was told that it is including the taxes. The sales guy did not give me any bill and told me that MTS will email you the bill.

The same enthusiasm and urgency found while selling the device , is not found when it comes to service and support after sales by your staff.

The staff lacks basic communication skills. They do not introduce themselves properly when they interact. In my case i do not who visited me as i only have his cell phone number.

The sales staff do not have the knowledge about the product they are selling. For example, When I asked your staff about the network coverage and data plan details, he got himself confused.

MTS staff does not provide the bill for the money they collect from customer when they sell the device. They evade providing the bill when asked for it saying they did not bring the bill.

The customer care and sales department looks like completely disconnected in MTS , They are not aware of what happens in either of departments.

As customer , I can see that there is lackadaisical attitude in MTS staff,

Can anybody help me in how i can raise the complaint with TRAI or suggest me whether will it be good to approach the consumer court to get the money back. I need help here.

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