MTS – Poor Service- Incorrect Bill

Dear MTS Team

My MTS num – 8453964802

I took connection ON 12TH Sep 2015 after getting confirmation from MTS dealer Muniraj(Ph num – 9886681436) saying if the network is poor he shall install a booster, however after taking connection i was able to use for one week without any issue, after one week i had network issues, slow speed and unable to browse at all, i raised ticket calling customer care on 22-Sep-2015 (Ticket num – SEP-4242),Then MTS network expert called and said i have consumed my whole data and i have to buy additional booster pack, i said fine, then again i called customer service but they said since i have consumed only 3 GB data and my limit is 5GB they cannot process booster pack, then again another ticket was raised ( SEP-4308) now again the network specialist called and said for the first month the 5GB is not available and limit is only 3GB so i have to buy booster pack and since i am not able to get it through customer care, he himself raised a request and processed the same the booster pack cost was 3gb data INR 250.00, however after buying the booster pack i was not able to use internet either, still the network speed was very low, Speed was varying from 70 kbps to 330 kbps, so again i called customer care and raised another complaint ( Complaint num – SEP-5572),Now the MTS executive said they will visit my home and check the speed and resolve the issue, next day no one visited home and issue was not resolved, However i got call from MTS expert and said asked me to login to website and check the speed, the speed was below 500kbps and was varying from 110 kbps to 440 kbps, after a while another expert called and said the MTS service is 2 km far from my place and that being the reason im having speed issues,then i requested to cancel the MTS connection as its of no use if speed is not adequate also i asked about the booster pack of 3GB data i purchased and was of no use, then i was told that bosster pack 3GB data purchased and not used, so cost can be waived off and since i used only for 10 days the monthly bill will be prorated basis, but now i have received a bill of INR 717.00.

Please recommend a solution, i cannot pay bill of INR717.00 for usage of just one week, i feel its injustice and need waiver of the bill, i can pay bill for what i have used and not for anything which i have not used, i cannot pay for additional 3gb booster pack as i have not used it, and also i have used your service only for 10 days ie 3gb data, please modify the bill and sent me prorated bill for 10 days, 3gb usage only


Narayanan CN

+91 8904014404

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