Municipal Corporation Of Thane – complaint against building construction of noori group of companies, kausa-mumbra

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Reported By: Wahid Gulbar

Contact information:
Municipal Corporation Of Thane

Dear sir/ madam;
Please refer our letter of complaint addressed to you dated 17th june 2017, bearing no.9987

Re: farid noorie, the proprietor of noorie group of companies, having its construction business in kausa, behind bharat english high school, behind kausa kabrastan chandnagar, has flouted the rules of construction of the thane municipal corporation. Office address:noori garden shop no 06/07, mumbra prune road, mumbra, thane – 400612, near millenium hospital.+ (91)-22-25350824
+ (91)-9223330492

A 7-storey building is constructed on the land bearing survey no:7, next to survey no:46, belonging to abdul wahid gulbar, kausa.
Between the two plots is a nullah drainage of which the route or direction has been changed from old naksha / drawing/ map to take full advantage of the adjoining plot bearing survey no:46 of which 6 guntas plot is consumed by the builder.

As the builder had insufficient space / land to make available access road to the plot he has utilized a portion of survey no:46 along with the nullah / drainage. This has resulted in the loss of fsi or tdr on the land bearing survey no:46, the access road crosses the nullah / drainage and crosses through the portion of land bearing survey no:46, and has constructed the building close to the nullah / drainage

This has made him impossible to construct a boundry wall and is now expecting the municipal authorities to issue an occupation certificate for the constructed 7-storey building.
Other 3 to 4 towers are constructed on the same plot.
There were no chances of constructing the 7-storey building on the plot, as the high tension wire [electric wire] of the tata company is just 12 to 13 feet away from the tower which poses a threat to the lives of the residents or the occupants. He has also constructed a garden under the high tension tata electric tower within the garden or in order words the garden surrounds the tata electric tower.

It seems that the officers of the tmc are hand in glove with the builder and the work done is in complete agreement with the shahar vikas department.

I would like to draw your attention towards the construction site and would request you to visit the site along with your team to find out how the builder and another builder known as ‘grace builder’ next to farid noorie’s complex have flouted the rules set by tmc.

I would request the demolition officers to have a look at the site. Excess fsi has also been utilized on such a small sized plot, which appears to be legally illegal.

Visit the site personally, get the building demolished and stoppage and unathorised work and occupation certificate. Please find out as to how the officer have sanctioned the plan and have gone hand in gloves with the builder and have done the work taking bribe. The loss of our 6 gunthas land is unbereable. Photocopy is attached. Surprised as to why you haven’t checked or gone through the letter yet. No action has been taken.
I repeatedly request you to stop the oc.

My advocate will issue a notice and take the matter to the court of law. Please do not issue the occupation certificate to the builder.
Kindly do the needful and oblige.

Yours faithfully
Abdul wahid gulbar

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