Must visit India At Noida is a scam – Cheating

Mr Rahul of Must visit India called overphone and asked me to deposit Rs7998.00 for Hotel Booking in visting places in India for 4day and 3 night and lure me sayng that a tab will be send to me as gift for booking.It was told that the booking will valid for one year.Now I have sent email to book Hotel at Narkanda of Himachal Pradesh from 5th march to 8th march-2015 but I have not received any confirm regarding the booking.when I call to Phone no 01206888845 one Lady named Anuska lifted the phone informed that she has no knowledge about the same.I have neither received any gift nor any confirmation about hetel booking which created adoubt in my mind that the company is fake company.Please investigate the matter and let me know about the Company Must Visit India.

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  1. Mustvisitindia is fraud company, they cheated many people like me, I don’t know how they are havingbank account and doing legal transaction, the government take action against them. As like us we don’t have time and distance also so long to take legal action and put criminal case on them, they think that for Rs.8000/- no body will claim to police station. The government has to be take action on them