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Reported By: alfreder7

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Received a call from the above mentioned company on tue, asking me to deposit 10, 050rs aftr paying 1450 at first first for registration, then they asked my pan card and aadhar details, after which they are asking for 15, 000 again, i said i cant, and i want to cancel the registration, then she said you have to 40000 rupees or else police and notice case will come to your house, for which i got scared and paid, later the call was inititiated to a man who asked me on phone to give 65450 and was threatening me on phone, saying police, lawyer n legal notice will be sent to home, if you dont, i understood soon that it’s a fraud, and are trying to target us youngsters,, i kindly request before they continue harassing more and to please take a strong action as soon as possible, before more people get trapped into it…

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