Myntra merchant center – Payment not received and faced unethical behaviour.

Reported By: Pratham saxena

Contact information:
Sulataman Technology Private Limited

Hello i m pratham a student and was in search for some online income to support my family in a way. I encountered a website yesterday ie. 17th july 2022 namely And their customer support person named Maria talked to me on WhatsApp (her no. which i have is +63 966 451 8360) and she told me that they are based in Philippines and their main branch is in US. She told me about the job that i have to pay for the orders which will be sent by their merchant to me and i will receive commissions but dont have to receive the actual product and just to promote the sales of merchant. At first i did one payment in VIP 1 which is level 1 of ₹300 on which i got ₹45 commission which is 15%commission of order. Which i could withdraw after completing the task. Then i reached VIP 2 where commission incresed to 24 % per order and had to do 2 payments of ₹450 and 399 respectively and also with a trap i didnt knew that after payment of 450 i cannot withdraw it unless i complete payment of rs399. I did that too since i thought it is feasible for me. But then when i reached VIP 3 level where commission increased to 50%! She told me that if i do 6 tasks or payments then i will receive ₹39k which was a scam with me. Upon reaching lvl 3 i had to do 5 payments one after the other and i cannot withdraw my money or commission until i do all 5 payments ( which i didnt knew as she told me later when i got trapped!) so i did payment of ₹3488 which i did then being a student at first i hesitated a bit but then she told me about the 39k which i will get. So i did it then the 2nd payment was of rs 19k which i got totally mad and asked her to pls give me my money which i am going to get after the payment of 3488rs but she refused and told me to complete the 19k payment which i somehow did on a condition that the next payment should be less than 5k which she told me would talk to merchant to give me order of less amount. After doing this 19k payment ( after which my whole body was shaking cz it was my dad’s hard earned money😔) she told me to take my next order and boom….
I got a payment to do for a massive sum of ₹45000 and i got dead inside and freezed there for 10mins thinking that the money i invested just now i wont get back until i do 3 more payments which will go even more higher after this 45k one. And requested her heavily to refund my money but she was just so greedy and was encouraging me to go for it to get my rs39k ( which she told me i will get after doing 6 payments) and my mother’s savings account had just 3000 rupees left and i couldn’t do anything except her help which she told me to take loan ( i mean seriously a student with a motto to earn some passive income will take loan of 45k) and i tried on some apps but was rejected everytime and when i texted her again to help she stopped replying me and till now she ain’t replying me ie 18 july2022 the next day evening.
My claim is that i want my money get refund which i invested in this with all damages.
Also= i have shared all screenshots of the orders i did on site and payments through paytm. Plz check them too.

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