MYROZGAAR.COM – cheated me – please help to get my money back

I am from a poor family. They said me that i will get a call from the multinational and national company and only 1650/- is needed to pay. so i take the credit card and enter my details, make payment of 1st 1650/-. They said said to click on several links, and i clicked, it was for the payment of 4500/-.i told them what is the purpose of that ? ,then he said the company will refund those amount, so i cliked the link of make payment, and countinued to pay upto 27000/-. i say that i need to refund, so they tell that a minimum amount is needed to be their in the account of nearly 10000/-. So this is a cheat. They will repay for that. I need the culprits to be punished..please…they shouldn’t do it to other people like me, try to catch them atleast…please for god’s sake.

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