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Very bad customer service. Bought ticket from them to Manilla through Cebu pacific since few weeks and we were told that we can add luggage allowance later. I was trying to buy luggage since a week and was told that it can be done through Cebu pacific with the booking reference 24 hours before departure. Unfortunately that was not possible despite my several calls and follow ups and the customer service always telling me we will send you email with reference number or try to check in and you can add luggage blablabla NOTHING WORKS. My last call with the agent answer me: MADAM WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU GO TO AIRPORT AND BUY YOUR LUGGAGE IT’S NOT OUR MISTAKE, seriously this was the answer f a customer service.
At the end I spent more than 6 hours on calls until I chat with cebu pacific and they confirm that Mytickets linked that booking to their account so I cannot add or change anything for the flight.

Very disappointed, we waisted time, money NOT WORTH AT ALL


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