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Reported By: steffanbiz

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Nando’s Chickenland
Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates

I have been a loyal Nando’s customer since I first discovered the restaurant in Cardiff in 2010 as a student, I instantly fell in love with the food and it has been my favorite restaurant since. Not only did I eat there weekly as a student, but I have also introduced many friends and family to Nando’s over the years. Even when living in Chicago for two years I was delighted to find multiple Nando’s restaurants and would dine there weekly. I have now moved to Dubai so you can imagine my delight when I saw a restaurant in the Marina, obviously I chose to go there over the many other restaurants in the area.
Thankfully, up until now, I have never had any issues with Nando’s other than sometimes slow service or cold food so I have never felt the need to complain. However, my experience with the Nando’s at Dubai Marina has left me extremely disappointed. The staff could barely speak English, the garlic bread was just bread with no garlic taste whatsoever, the peri-peri salt was just a curry spice and tasted nothing like peri-peri salt and the chicken in my chicken breast burger was a pathetic slim piece of chicken and did not taste like Nando’s should, it had a sour taste. I had to smother my entire meal with wild herb sauce because it was the only thing that actually tasted like it was from a Nando’s restaurant.
The most disappointing part of my Dubai Marina Nando’s experience was how I felt after consuming the food, later in the evening I had pain in my stomach, followed by a sleepless night and a full day between bed and bathroom because of what I can only assume was food poisoning.
I have certainly been put off from Nando’s due this experience, I would highly recommend making some changes to this particular restaurant. I hope you take these comments seriously.
Thank you for your time.

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