Naturals Salon – Naturals salon, Ashok nagar branch, Chennai: Negligence and poor hospitality

NATURALS SALON, ASHOK NAGAR, Chennai: When I entered I was not acknowledged and was made to wait for nearly 20 minutes without telling me how long it will take them to call me in for the service. I told them that I was not well and am just recovering from dengue fever and hence call me as soon as possible. When I went to the counter I saw that there were two beauticians who were not servicing anyone and idle. I asked them why they were so indifferent, their response was that I did not have an appointment (which I expect to be told immediately when I came in) and hence I have to wait indefinitely. I felt deeply insulted by their callous behaviour and attitude. I wish to a lodge complaint against Naturals salon, Ashok nagar, Chennai and their callous behaviour.

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