Naukri Employer – Betrayed Money saing providing Job

I have been called from Naukri Employer on the Month of Nov 2013. I have paid more than 1,15000 thousand so far saying that they will provide me job, no service they have provided so far, If I called them now a days they are not picking up my call, Initially a person Swetha contacted me then Tom later sahil, priya, vishal butt lot more., Each and every time i was calling a new person will take up your call and say that they will be in touch with you but they never revert you back until you do so, their in the organisation itself some persons stolen the money cheating the organisation so kindly don’t deposit the money in any of their personal account whatever case they do so. Initially i payed 4000 then 10200, then 22249 then 30000 then 15000 again 30000 i did so far, they will pressure you to do the payment immediately after you paid they will never revert you back. If they call you back in the sense they need money from you again its like alarm. Till today I’m trying to reach them up but I couldn’t reach them at all. If anybody got fooled like this let us all unite and fought for our money, Does anybody can help me out to resolve this issue. I have all proofs against Naukri which I did payment.Nobody get fooled like me.

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