Naukri employer ltd – Fraud job consultancy servise

I am writing to inform you that my wife had a negative experience with an job consultancy organization named ” NaukriEmployer . com” which has an account (A/c No. …………….)at your branch location in …………………..( please write the company address given to u)……..My invoice number is Invoice #IN000184 dated 04/26/2014 and the person who handled my order was named Sandhya, Amit tiwari and Neyet.

She was told by sandhya ( one of the employee of that they will forward her resume to top companies once she register herself with naukriemployer,com by paying a registration charge of Rs. 2,247/- ( non- refundable) so she paid the amount . After registration they demanded to pay Rs. 7000/- more which they said it is refundable because they were asking again for money so my wife refuses to pay more amount and to go further with their procedure. Later on she was told that ” Mam as you are not proceeding further with our procedure and not ready to pay Rs. 7000/- so we have stopped your resume/application for further process and you wont get your money back which is a registration charge of Rs. 2,247/- as it is non refundable”. So my wife was ok with it.

After two weeks she again got a call from Mr. Neyet who works in Finance dept of that same organization saying ” Mam you had registered with us by paying an amount of Rs. 2,247/- so do you want your money to be refunded ???? which was actually non refundable by companies policy. She said ” Ok. If you can refund please do it “. She was told to go online and generate the transaction Id by again paying the amount of Rs. 2,247/- . My wife queried again and again that why to pay again to get my money back???? By asking again and again they explained her about their payment gateway which is common for both ( paying the amount as well as for the refunds) and while explaining they made certain statement which was very shocking and weird…. they said …….

a) ” Mam when you generate the transaction Id by following the same procedure of payment gateway through net banking….. at the last step of payment wherein you have to click on “Pay” before you click “pay” I will generate cancellation Id of same transaction and then you can pay click. so the amount which will get debited from your account at that moment ll get refunded within 5 – 10 mins of generating cancellation Id and the registration amount which you had paid 2 wks ago will be refunded within a week and maximum it can take 21 days “.

b) According to them they use RBI Payment gateway as stated by Mr. Neyet ( works at the finance dept of

c) They were not ready to directly deposit the amount to my account which they could have for refunding and if they really want to refund the amount.

After listening to Mr. Neyet’s entire story of making money and requesting me to trust them that I will get my money back of overall amount Rs. 2,247+ 2,247/- which comes upto Rs.4,494/- I generated the transaction Id and followed all the procedure as asked by Mr. Neyet. Later on Mr. Neyet again told me to generate one more transaction Id of Rs. 2,247/- so I again followed all the steps told by him and paid 2247/- again but this time I paid because I really wanted to know what they are upto and what their intention is……… like this total amount of 6,741/- has been debited from my account just for refund of 2,247/-. He again said the same thing that you will get your total amount of Rs. 6,741/- in your account within 3- 4 days and maximum it will take 21 days.

After two days I again got a call by Mr. Neyet and again he asked to generate one more Transaction Id of same amount but this time I didn’t followed his steps so he said ” Sir if you don’t follow the steps and don’t generate the transaction id we wont be able to refund your money of Rs. 6,741/- . Even after shouting at him he is not ready to refund my money and keeps saying that please generate one more transaction Id.
My question is which gateway ask to pay more money to get the refund?????

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