– totally fraud

These guys are totally fraud and wish you to check this before falling for them.

I uploaded my resume on after which i got called from this naukri2jobs.
I thought these websites may be linked somehow. In the begining the ask me for 3.5k and
after that they ask me for more 5K as compulsory process for police verification.
They conduct one interview round with the company in which i got selected and than the ask for
8K for resume writing and all and said that this money will refund with the first salary.
Sadly i completed all of these transactions so far. In order to convince me for the last transaction their HR manager said that – this is the last transaction you are making with us and after that i will not ask you to pay a single penny and trust me and all bullshit.
Few days after i got a call from the HR manager of respective company who told me that they needed growth report and finance report and for which i have to make a transaction of 10,000k with naukri2jobs.
This is where i refused to pay further and ask naukri2jobs to refund but they simply refused.
I think it is their business to keep promising candidate and ask for more and more money by saying that another document is required and you need to make a transaction for that.

So please aware of these thugs and keep your friends and family informed about them.

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