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Nestaway Technologies – rent overdue emails, when the rent was already paid on time

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Reported By: Sumana Bhattacharya

Contact information:
Nestaway Technologies

Very helplessly, i am writing this complaint here hoping to get some help since nestaway has been such a pain in my life for the last few months. None of the service requests raised was addressed on time, no action was taken. The customer service agents were rude and unprofessional to the core. They only called me to educate me how to draft a complaint and never even bothered to ask me what my real query was. I talked to someone named abhishek pattnaik who was working on my service request number 00394342 who talked to me as if i was asking for his money and not mine. Then another person who claimed to be a supervisor named (Rajesh) called and he also talked very rudely. Instead of trying to help me, he started defending his own employee. So no metter what the customers do, we can never expect any solution from nestway.

So talking about my query, i have always paid my rent on time. However from the past 2 months, a part of my rent is getting adjusted towards utilities and amount is showing due in my dashboard. I have added all the bills as a proof that i have paid my utilities on time but i still am awaiting my refunds and now i have started getting emails that my agreement will be cancelled if i do not pay those late fees. No one has taken any action and i will end up paying the late fees again which is almost 4000 rs extra from my pocket for no fault of mine. Hope nestaway is happy ripping their customer’s money right off this way!

I am really helpless and lost all hopes from this company. I really want to vacate this house at the earliest and as a helpless nestaway customer, whoever is reading this, please never even consider nestway while trying to rent a house. Trust me, you dont want to put yourself through this trouble dealing with a bunch of illiterate and unprofessional people who has no care for your hard earned money!!

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