NETCO/COMNET HR SERVICES – A fake N a fraud company i have ever seen.

today. I got so exited that i will be getting job in IT of my choice but when i came back home after paying them 2500 rs, i saw this reviews on google. I too became a fool. N see how shameless they are. Asking for more 1500 amount which will be refunded with my salary. N this 1500 rs will be taken as a training fee for 10 days. They are telling us that they will be providing stipend of 8000 rs during 10 days training period which i will be getting with my salary. Ha Ha… Seriously feeling like hell about this fake, scam, bla bla company. I do agree with Mr. Sonu. please guys cooperate him to shut this “NETCO/COMNET hr Services” down.

Thanx . Waiting for some positive response.

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