New Spammer & – I had lost my $897 for nothing please alert

Reported By: Rushi R

Contact information:
New Spammer & Australia

I was cheated by two persons for $897 in the
month of Dec-2018. One is Mr. Jordan Franze who is from Australia & Second is
Mr. Kunal Barthakur who is from Chester United Kingdom. Mr. Kunal Barthakur was made 30% commission on $897.

During Dec 2018, I was searching for Make Money Online Program and I was
found that Micheal Cheney program is good for Make Money Online. Then, I had
contacted to Mr. Kunal Barthakur (who is in the friend’s list of Mr. Micheal
Cheney) for the feedback of this program. He suggested me to join Funnel
Franchise of Mr. Jordan Franze instead of join 7 Figure Franchise of Mr.
Micheal Cheney. Mr. Kunal was successful in convinced me to join Funnel
Franchise as telling this is the future of the Internet. So, I had joined
this program for $897.

But after the joining of this program, I came to know that this program is
not worth $897 & not a single person was joined this program as a student.
Even, Mr. Kunal is also not as a paid member. There were only 11 members are
in the Facebook Group and they are not paid members and there were no
discussions/announcements even after 5 months from Mr. Jordan in this
facebook group. Payment is made by my debit card so there no another way to
get my money back.

When I told Mr. Jordan to give my money back because there is no valuable
training & support available with you, he told that we didn’t provide any
refund. Instead of this, he was ready to guide me personally. Then, I will
start working again. But, when I was asked for an Advertisement Swipes, he
didn’t provide the advertisement swaps because he told me that you create
your own advertisements/creatives. When I was asked for our previous work for
selling customers. He provides me one simple screenshot of the website. This
is not worth even $1, how customers are converting on it.

Even before joining the program, I was clearly told to both of these guys. I
am not able to speak & write English properly. They said that you just need
to follow our system, then you will generate a good amount of money from our
system because this is all about done for you system you just need to follow
the system. But this did not happen.

Even, he was committed Funnel Franchise 2.0 will be released in the Feb-2019. But as per his Facebook post, he was busy in creating another coaching program because nobody joined this program instead of me. Now, he is charging $99 for his new program. He closed
his current Funnel Franchise program.

So finally, I am contacting to Mr. Kunal & Mr. Jordan to give my full refund.
Then, both are not replying my facebook messenger messages. So, please be aware of these new cheater or spammers.

His FB Profile:
Now, Kunal FB profile is not working.

His program name : &

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