Ngn_shops mercadodol – Fraudulent

Reported By: Faruku abubakar tsara

Contact information:
Ngn_shops mercadodol Sokoto

Dear ma/sir ,

I write to inform your reputable organisation that a company named NGN_SHOPS MERCADODOL, contacted me on whatsapp and telegram purported to be looking for part time job they’ll be paying #20000 everyday claimed to be based in Lagos and also partnered with AMAZON, EBAY 04/11/2022   they asked me to deposit sum of 3000 to complete my task and withdraw my earnings which I did the following day they asked me to deposit sum of 5000 to complete my task and withdraw my earnings which I did but couldn’t withdraw the money they claim that there’s gap  of 9000 to complete my order I deposited the 9000 my earnings was 31000 they said I can’t withdraw my money till I completed 6 more orders which required 31000 to be completed I deposited the money but still couldn’t withdraw the money they said I still have one order to be completed so I could withdraw my money and my earnings the order required sum of 34000 they said if I didn’t deposit the money and complete the order within 24 hours all my money will be automatically compensated to dealers at this point I realized they are scammers   they uses OPAY bank  using multiple bank account numbers while  posing as a company looking for part time workers and by asking over 1million members to pay a huge sum  ranging from N500,000, N200,00 , N140 ,000  , N1000,00 , N80,000, N70,000, N60,000, N55,000, N50,000, N40,000, N35,000, N25,000, N20,000, N13000 and N8000 respectively to complete the task and withdraw their money and earnings from which each members will  be paid  a daily income of  particular amount.
I deposited total sum of #41000

On behalf of all the members, I hereby request the services of your agency to move  into action aimed at ensuring that the accounts where those monies were paid into are frozen n  also make efforts at apprehending the fraudaters n bring them to justice n help member recover their funds

The account numbers used by the fraudsters to defraud over 1 millions Nigerians are

bank name:opay
recipient:HARUNA ALABI

Account no:8179433163
Bank name OPAY

Account details
Account no:0025988172
Bank name: unity bank

How to file a complaint against Ngn_shops mercadodol?

* Go to page
* Write Ngn_shops mercadodol in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Ngn_shops mercadodol.

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