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I had bought a pair of nike basketball shoes in November in 2011 and the same had an issue of air shocker failure within 4 months. However, i had made a complaint for the same and they were replaced by a new pair in February2012. I had to add some more money in order to buy my selected pair of shoes. i.e. 4995
Now, last month again the shoe had an issue of air shocker failure. and further to add, dust is coming in the shoe due to crack. I used this pair very less as due to my hectic office schedule i used to wear only formals. Enclosed are the pics of the shoes. If you look at the condition of the shoes, you’ll find that the shoes are just like brand new. Nike does provide a warranty for the pair of shoes after 6months but i am not satisfied with the quality of the product you are selling. I am serioudsy surprised that a pair of shoes costing 4995 has such bad aspects in terms of life of the shoe and its quality. i suppose its better to buy shoes of a local brand as this thing wont pain you much. My hard earned money has gone waste .
I had put this complaint on the email on 26-08-2013 but to my avail till yet no reply has been received. Please help me. 5000 Rs shoe should atleast have some good life aspects.

Sahil Goel
Address : 177, Sector-12A, Panchkula

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