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Reported By: Satyanarayan Kn

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Nirmal Lifestyle Limited

My wife Radha satyanarayan has booked a 2 BHK flat in Olympia C 1806 in December 2014, your letter of intent 25th January 2015. The following terms and conditions were agreed upon:

1. The proposed date of completion would be Dec 2017 at that time based on our booking in Dec 2014. Based on the planned completion date we were informed that in case the flats were not constructed before Dec 2017, rent @ market rate would be payable from the first of January 2018.

2. Following non obtaining of approvals by various authorities at your end you have orally mentioned that the project will be completed by Dec 2019…which is not at all mentioned on paper.

3. There is absolutely no planned completion dates either on the letter of intent or on the registered agreement 4725/16 of 18/05/2016.

4. I as an aggrieved customer have paid right up to the first slab of this proposed project.


1. A letter assuring that the project is planned for completion by Dec 2019…NO ORAL AGREEMENTS PLEASE.

2. Payment of rent would commence from January 2018 till the date of completion of the project…NO ORAL AGREEMENTS PLEASE.

3. None of your staff…NOW VAISHALI MOHITE (spokesman for the project) takes responsibility for intimation.I keep calling her on her mobile and also the landline she cuts the call…without leaving a message…THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNFAIR FOR THE CUSTOMER…we want an absolute redressal to this…immediately.

4. We need a proper month by month progress in the project to be intimated on this e-mail every month, beginning of the month as THERE SEEMS TO BE NO VISIBLE PROGRESS FROM DEC 2014 TO DEC 2016…it has taken two years to COMPLETE THE EXCAVATION?????(also in doubt)

5. I had NOT RECEIVED A SINGLE E-MAIL FROM DEC 2014 TO DEC 2016. The people who sold the flat to the persons being changed are MULTIFARIOUS. It started with Chaabra, to Pratik, and now to Vaishali WITHOUT ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY PINNED DOWN ON THEM AND ANSWERABLE TO THE CUSTOMER.

6. I want the flowchart or month by month progress and completion chart sent to me and apprised to me on a fortnightly basis.

7. The money agreed upon in the agreement is 40% more than the current market rate…THEREFORE I THINK A DISCOUNT IN THE RATE PER SFT is absolutely warranted.

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